February Update

Is it really almost March?! An update is overdue.

It has been a crazy time in Uganda leading up to this past week’s election. After all was said and done, we cannot say that we were terribly surprised to hear the result. The nation will continue with the same president. We rest under the sovereign rule of the God of heaven who, in His timing and according to His will, “removes kings and sets up kings” (Daniel 2:21).

In fact, a while back we finished teaching through the Daniel stories for our village evangelistic Bible studies. Now we are in the book of Ezra, learning about the Jewish exiles who returned to Jerusalem to rebuild the temple. The same God who had called Israel out of slavery in Egypt to dwell with Him in the Land of Canaan did great things to return them after the exile. He is the same God who is calling a people out of slavery to sin and into fellowship with His Son, Jesus, who is the true temple, Immanuel, God with us. Please pray His blessing on these studies.

Babylon fell to the Medes and Persians. God would set up the kingdom that would endure forever. King Jesus rules. His church is growing. The Lord’s Day before last we received a new member, Alinga Agnes, the wife of our member, Acia Nickolas. Their daughter along with four other children were baptized. In counsel before the event and in the Lord’s Day preaching and teaching, it was a good opportunity to remind us all of Christ’s grace to and Lordship over our families. Please pray for strong Christian Karimojong families where parents faithfully bring up their children in the discipline and instruction of the Lord (Eph. 6:4). It was a good day. The Okkens hosted for lunch three of the five families of those who were baptized (the other two were at the Verdicks).  

Our new teammates have arrived! We are so thankful to God for granting safe travels to them and to the Verdicks who picked them up at the airport. Since the presidential election had been changed from its original date after their flight was booked, they had to travel through Kampala the day before the election. That is much closer than we would have planned. But all went well. Praise God!
So we welcomed the new Pastor David and his wife, Rashel, along with their three children. Their son, Joshua, is 8 years old, so Jacob is enjoying a new friend. Their daughters, Emmalene and Hannah, are 6 and 2. Megan is sure enjoying having new young girls around, as is little Carmel Verdick. Please pray for the Robbins as they adjust to life and ministry in Karamoja.  

Yesterday we saw something we had never seen before. There were halos in the sky, both around and next to the sun. 

Jacob with Joshua Robbins


Sander said…
Thank you for the update! Scott Johnson

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