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Furlough Continues

Greetings from San Diego!
It feels strange to send updates from the states but that is where we are as our furlough continues. We should first extend a warm ‘welcome’ to the many of you who have been newly added to our email list after meeting us as we have visited your congregations to share with you about the work in Karamoja. Thank you so much for welcoming us into your many lives, homes and churches.
It has been a blessing to be stateside, enjoying time with our families. Some highlights have been trips to Legoland as well as Disneyland. We have also greatly enjoyed the fellowship in our home church again as well as with the many churches where we have been able to visit. Most recently, during all of January, David has been traveling throughout Texas, a bit of Oklahoma and on to New Mexico. Sunshine and the children joined him for his travels in and around the Dallas/Fort Worth area and beyond. In addition to visiting several congregations, we were able to spend time with David’…