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Christmas Time...

Happy New Year everyone! We have had a wonderful time with family over the last several weeks (below are some pictures), for which we are thankful. A few days ago we moved into our own place which will be 'home' until our return to Uganda in June.

Stateside Fun...thus far


Catch Up

After about two weeks of traveling, we have finally landed Stateside. You can check over on my Facebook page for some pictures of our adventures, enjoying Turkey and Spain. We enjoyed wonderful hospitality and saw amazing pieces of history! People often ask us if we feel culture shock and we usually say not as much as you might think. The reason being is that between where we are in Karamoja and down to the capital in Uganda, is such a difference, that we can almost experience culture shock within the same country. That being said, it is a little surreal to be back 'home'. Something we have been anticipating for so long, and then all of the sudden, it's here. Furlough is always an interesting time. The anticipation of being with family and friends, but also the anticipation of much traveling to churches. Always the mindset to some extent is to 'make the most of it'. Always an interesting balance. My prayer is that the time would be sweet and that there would be res…


The container has arrived! No, we aren't packing up and leaving Uganda! But we are getting ready to leave for a 7 month furlough during which time our roof and ceilings will be replaced. So what does that mean...pack it all up and get it out of the house! It will be a crazy next week and a half. We appreciate your prayers as we get it all done and then transition back to the States for a time.

Megan is 8!

Our little girl is growing fast! Happy happy birthday Megan, we love you so much!

Ministry Update


You remember we asked for prayer for Martha and Nangiro Michael. We were encouraged to see Martha in church yesterday! Thank you for your continued prayers.

Ministry Update

Little Moments

You have seen pictures before of Caleb's friends enjoying Saturday play dates. A little while back I realized that this time could be our family's little ministry. If nothing else, the kids would enjoy some playing they wouldn't get at home and would enjoy some lunch they may not get at home. I have also thought to pray more faithfully for these boys. Today I gave the kids coloring pages of a Roman soldier to color and then talked briefly about Ephesians 6 and putting on the armor of God. Not all the boys were there today including the one that would have helped even more bridge the language gap, but we still read the passage in Karimojong and then said a few things about it. No major preaching session, just decided to grab a little moment. I have been encouraging my kids to think about how they are sharing Jesus with their friends by the way they play with them. And yes, to grab little moments. You can keep Naru, Losili, Tony and Bob in prayer with us. That God would draw…

Prayer Needed

Please pray with us for Nangiro Michael and his wife Martha. These Karimojong neighbors have suffered great loss. Their baby boy died yesterday after suddenly coming down with some illness. This alone brings great sorrow, but that isn't all. Last Sunday Martha's mother died from an illness she was struggling with for some time and about one month ago Michael and Martha's only other living child (4 yrs.) died of a snake bite. The sorrow is great in this family today. For several weeks now they have faithfully been attending church with us. Please pray that our Mission would be able to comfort and encourage this family, that the Lord would draw them close.

4th of July Fun

But on the 6th....flexibility when living in Uganda!

Our Mission team and most of our clinic staff enjoyed the 4th together...on the 6th. Everyone had fun playing volleyball and a few other games then went inside for a somewhat traditional 4th of July meal. I guess many of our African friends weren't too sure the hotdogs were actually meat (our we sure of that?!), but enjoyed it all very much.

Gospel Blessings in Naliakat

Lokwii David is laboring full-time again. We praise the Lord for his continued growth in grace and progress in ministry.
This has enabled us to divide our labors and explore possible new venues. Well, not too far from our Naminyit Village study is a place called Naliakat (which is also part of broader Naminyit). Last week, after the Naminyit study, Lokwii Paul and I visited this new place and found some folks who seemed very eager to host a weekly Bible study. Yesterday, we returned there. As we sat under the big tree, a group of men, women and children quickly gathered. I counted about sixty. It is rare to see such a large group interested in stopping their activities to sit and listen to the Word of God. It seemed to be very well received. They actually applauded when we finished.
They heard about King Balak’s efforts to bring a curse upon the people of Israel through the prophet Balaam (Numbers 22-24). They learned of the Lord’s work, even through a talking donkey, to ensure that Ba…


The Sinless One