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February Update

Greetings from Karamoja! Once again, an update is way overdue. I promised to try to do better and I have failed. So you are not surprised to hear that I continue to be a great sinner saved only by the grace of Christ. I am thankful that God always keeps all of His promises and always according to His perfect timing! Amazingly, He has worked even in the lives of such great sinners to fulfill His covenant promises. We see this in the life of Jacob which we have been studying in the village of Nariko. There has been enthusiastic interaction around the word there for which I am thankful. One old man named Yoana Loxo is present every week with the Bible we gave him in his hand together with a clear plastic bag in which he saves copies of each story we provide. So Yoana heard about Laban surprising Jacob by giving him Leah, a bride he did not expect. Rachel was added next. It wasn’t long before Jacob had gone from no wives to four. It was encouraging to hear Yoana ask how this could happen …