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Saturday in Nakaale

fun in the puddles...for a while


The day's challenge...patience

Time still goes by quickly. For the most part, I am in the routine of life here in Karamoja. Second grade has begun, again, for Caleb and I am even trying to do more 'preschool' with Megan. Yes, the 'nice' interruptions from Jacob make this challenging at times, but I still try and plug along. This morning has been a bit frustrating I must confess. Mom needs some more patience and student needs some more understanding. ;) Can we both get some please?! One day at a time. So, with God's help, we will continue after our current 'recess' and finish for the day.
When school isn't taking place, the kids are busy playing with each other or some local Karimojong kids. Lately, it has been some football (soccer, for we Americans) out on the compound. What fun they have!
Now, to 'finish' for the day...