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Going to Mbale

Last Thursday morning I had the opportunity to travel with my family to Mbale. We made the 2 ½ hour trip because we wanted to say goodbye to our friends, the MacCallums. They are moving back to South Africa. The drive didn’t take that long because it is now dry season. Once we got to Mbale we dropped off all our stuff at our Mission house, then we spent the afternoon swimming with the Tuningas. I had a great time! That night we had dinner with Mr. & Mrs. MacCallum. It was fun because we went to the nice Elgon Hotel which has a playground? The next day we went home. I’m sad that the MacCallums are leaving but I’m glad we got to say goodbye!

Some Updates

Ok, they aren't mine, but some from teammates who are much better at keeping all informed of life and ministry around here. Click here to see a recent baptism picture of a dear friend's baby and here to see what we frequently see as we look out our houses and here for a more general update. All courtesy by Christopher and Chloe Verdick who have a fabulous blog!

A new blogger

So it seems our 10 year old has become a guest blogger! Check out here to see Caleb's post on our teammates' blog. He may become a regular!

Strange January

Hard to believe 2013 is here! I suppose we should have closed the year out with an official update on the year letter, but that would come from David, so maybe it will yet appear. January here in Karamoja is supposed to be hot and dry, and it hasn't been too much of either. Yes, the rains subsided for a while, but though they haven't come back with quite the energy, they still have come a little here and a little there. It seems the weather in Karamoja is changing. To be in a place where the weather is so connected with the road conditions, is often challenging. We have had very messy roads this past year so I was looking forward to our dry season to dry it all out even though it can be very hot. It seems I need to wait a bit longer. Patience and thankfulness, often two very difficult things to possess. Ever on the list for prayer. :-)

Happy New Year!

We hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and are having a Happy New Year! Here are a few pictures from our getaway before Christmas and Christmas Day. Christ's blessings to you all.