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New Year's Fun


Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

As most of you are quite chilly, we are starting to feel the heat! Yes, we are into our dry season it seems which means lots of wind and rising temperatures. We hope you all had a wonderful Christmas. We enjoyed a Christmas Eve service with our Karimojong neighbors and then a time of munchies and fun with our teammates.Now we approach the end of the year! As I have said many times before, time goes by so fast!We thank God for his protection and giving us health this year. We thank Him for the opportunities to spread the Gospel and continue to pray for wisdom on how and where to do that as David and Pastor Al preach/teach in different villages. We have been encouraged by the things that are happening with our friend, Pastor Emuron, in Namalu. Through his invitation we have had some involvement in the ministry at his church for some time and more recently have begun a midweek meeting of teaching and a literacy program with teammate Martha Wright. So, please pray for that time on Tuesday…