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Jean Louise

The last 5 weeks have been difficult in the pet department for the Okken house. Unfortunately we had to put  down our older dog, Jean Louise, this morning because her behavior was slowly getting unpredictable and she was occasionally biting. She was always a great dog for our family but not so much to some K-jong friends and some teammates. So now we are down to one dog. Guess the kids are getting some hard life lessons this month!


Life is full of them. Sometimes I feel we experience them even more on the mission field brought mostly by comings and goings. It seems we can always be saying goodbye to someone. Well, coming up there will be more transitions. Several teammates will be leaving for furloughs. Furloughs are full of transitions, both for the people going on them and those staying behind.  Please pray for us and our teammates as we go through these transitions. Pray for the families on furlough that their schedule of itineraries would fall into place and the families would also have the time for rest and time with family and friends that they need. Pray for the few of us left behind that we would keep up with the extra responsibilities and do so with a Christ-like heart and mind.