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Fires, Speech and the Word of God Advances!

FIRE IN KOPETATUM. We spent most of this past week in Mbale and Kampala. On our way back we heard about a terrible fire which occured in Kopetatum. Kopetatum neighbors Nakaale and is the village where we have been involved in a church plant work for a number of years. Never had we seen a fire cause such destruction to Karimojong homes. Thankfully, not one person was injured but everything else – homes and all possessions including many animals – were destroyed completely, burned to the ground. Several families lived in these two ‘eres’ (large groups of homes in one circular fenced-in enclosure), about 150 persons altogether. Members of the Mission have been out there to be with, pray for and encourage these ones. Most of the people are currently sleeping under the stars while beginning the hard work of rebuilding. Please pray for the Mission as we seek to help in the best way possible in this difficult situation.

MEGAN UPDATE. One reason for our trip to Kampala was to see Megan’s speec…