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Compound Construction


July Happenings

I have allowed too much time to go by without an update, particularly since I asked for prayers for Loumo Gabriel. Truthfully, too much time passed without visiting him. When I and others were with him twice this week, we were shocked to see how quickly he is declining. It seems that Gabriel is very near death. We have prayed for him and shared the gospel with him. He has not spoken for weeks so it is difficult to know how well he understands. If death is to come at this time, please pray that Gabriel will die trusting in Jesus. Even in this dark hour, God is full of grace and powerful to save! Another tragic event took place some weeks back. “Enemies” came to raid cows nearby. The army became involved quickly enough to stop them. Sadly, one man was shot and killed. Since Karimojong don’t consider an enemy worth burying, they took the body up a hill and just tossed it aside, leaving it to rot out in the open. Interestingly, in God’s providence, this is the second time that I can reme…

Big Snake

For those of you not on Facebook...killed the other day on our main compound. Seems very likely it was a  black mamba and was over 8 feet!! I think this is the biggest snake I have seen in all my years here. Later we found a baby one on our compound.