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New Year's Fun


Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

As most of you are quite chilly, we are starting to feel the heat! Yes, we are into our dry season it seems which means lots of wind and rising temperatures. We hope you all had a wonderful Christmas. We enjoyed a Christmas Eve service with our Karimojong neighbors and then a time of munchies and fun with our teammates.Now we approach the end of the year! As I have said many times before, time goes by so fast!We thank God for his protection and giving us health this year. We thank Him for the opportunities to spread the Gospel and continue to pray for wisdom on how and where to do that as David and Pastor Al preach/teach in different villages. We have been encouraged by the things that are happening with our friend, Pastor Emuron, in Namalu. Through his invitation we have had some involvement in the ministry at his church for some time and more recently have begun a midweek meeting of teaching and a literacy program with teammate Martha Wright. So, please pray for that time on Tuesday…

Dry Season

This is often the view around us right now. Dry season...people are either burning their fields preparing for next year's planting, or shepherd boys burning an area to catch rats for some good eating! It can make a nice haze in the sky at times
and make us a little nervous wondering if it will
get too close. But, most of the time, it does its
thing and dies...the fire and the ground.

Jacob - my 'baby' turns 3!

Jacob is ready
Curious George cake (didn't have to work hard on this!)
what a ham!

Caleb turns 8!!

the little party
birthday breakfast
new toy


Well, yesterday we returned to our home here in Nakaale after spending the week down country. A wonderful time of swimming, ice cream and seeing friends. Not to mention a wonderful internet connection! It had been quite some time since the family had been out of Karamoja, so we were excited from some little luxuries. Hot showers, ice cream, pool, and yes a little shopping ;-). We also had a great time visiting with our teammates and new friends in Mbale, and also seeing friends we haven't seen in a long time. Thank you to all who made the visit wonderful! Until the next time...which won't be so long!
P.S. Cholera update. It is still here, but moving slowly. Someone did die in the nearby village of Kopetatum (where we hold a early Sunday morning service). I think still just a few cases seen at the clinic, but not everyone goes to the clinic. So please continue to keep the community in prayer.

Cholera Update

Well, it seems our clinic has had two cholera cases since I last wrote. Please pray for Dr. Jim and the clinic staff as they handle things. The cases were a child and wife of one of our workers.
Right now, we are actually down country enjoying some vacation so are not right in the middle of it. Please keep our teammates and neighbors in prayer.

Cholera in our District

Skyping while out on the Town

Yes, this morning we decided to go as a family to the closest trading town, Namalu. Right before we left I was trying to Skype with my parents, but, as can often happen, it was a bit 'in & out'. So, David says, 'lets bring the laptop with us to Namalu where we can get a strong signal!'. So off we went, fully prepared to be quite the spectacle in town. We thought we found a 'secluded' spot, but that soon changed after about 20 minutes. It was quite the scene. My parents actually got a kick out of seeing these Karimojong in the background of the video while Skyping. We even took it on the road and continued Skyping while driving back into the center of town and walking into a shop to buy a few things. Even ran into a friend, and she enjoyed 'meeting' my parents. But then we decided the craziness needed to end. The scene of wzungu (white people) + technology out and about here in Karamoja can only be endured by us for so long!

East Kopetatum

Megan's Birthday

Our little girl is now 5!! She enjoyed a family birthday with a Strawberry Shortcake theme. Even with Mom's way less than perfect cake decorating abilities, Megan was pleased. :-)

Lunch on the town

So, today is our 11th wedding anniversary. We decided to celebrate by taking a trip up just north of us about 25 minutes or so to have lunch to the booming metropolis, Nakapiripirit. Yes, kids were left behind with teammates and we were off. The drive wasn't too eventful except for having to take the alternate route because two big trucks were stuck and no one could pass on the main route. (a common thing to deal with on the roads here) Upon arriving, we put our order in, first to ask what was available (usually need to do this in restaurants) and to ask them to start making 'now, now'. So, we set off for town while waiting for the meal. After buying a bit of produce, we were back at the 'hotel' and eating our lunch about an hour and fifteen minutes later. That may sound long to you, but we were quite pleased. Patience is a virtue and living in Africa gives you many opportunities to learn it! Except for the somewhat annoying sound of their inverter (they apparently…

Our place in Nakaale

on side of our house

our water tower and back up generator shed

other side of the house

our little garden

Jean Louise

Scout & Levi

Jigger Family

Jiggers. Ever heard of them? They are nice little parasite/bugs that get into your skin - mostly on the foot and develop into a worm and lays a nice egg sac. Lovely, isn't it? Well, in all the years we have lived here I had yet to get one. Recently that all changed. It seems the Okkens are magnets for them right now. Since returning in June from the States I have had four, David and Jacob two and Megan one! The Karimojong are pros at spotting them on your foot and removing them. Unfortunately, they have to deal with them a lot more than we do. So we go to our African friends for removal. Which has happened a lot recently. I don't even venture far from our compounds! How are we getting so many I scream or think? It seems it might be the excessive amount of rain we are having that is bringing them out and/or something about our compound. As it seems the other mzungu (white folks) are not getting them much or at all. Right now I am in the 'wear socks and shoes' mode when …


New Additions

Meet Scout and Levi (right). We are enjoying our new puppies! Current dog, Jean Louise isn't too sure what to think. Hopefully all will be well. ;)

Seasons in Life

I have been playing musical beds with my kids of late. Our youngest, Jacob, seems to just be scared of his bed all together and would only sleep with big brother Caleb or mom and dad for a while. Then a few nights ago it was ONLY in mom and dad's bed. Now he is back in his bed, but he wants a candle lit AND mom or dad to stay there until he is asleep. Then our daughter Megan will every now and then wake in the middle of the night crying out that some shadows are scaring her, then realizing she needs to 'potty' as well. Parenting...crazy, trying, rewarding, emotional and eventful!

Jacob is slowly getting on the road to being potty trained. He will be 3 in November so I suppose it is time. This time of training is both easier and at the same time more difficult. It is nice to just stick that diaper on and not have to worry about being inconvenienced at a moment's notice. But the thought of no diapers and no wipes definitely has appeal.

Caleb has started recei…

A Taste of Home

The visitor season has been upon us for some time. But more recently, we have been enjoying three from San Diego! It has been such fun to see Karen, Chris and Chloe walking around here. I trust they are having great fun too as they make life a little more interesting here in Nakaale. It's also nice for the church at home to get more first hand encounters of the work here. Plus Chris' pictures are so cool! May see a few of those in a future slide presentation. ;)

Thanks for your willingness to come!

Saturday in Nakaale

fun in the puddles...for a while


The day's challenge...patience

Time still goes by quickly. For the most part, I am in the routine of life here in Karamoja. Second grade has begun, again, for Caleb and I am even trying to do more 'preschool' with Megan. Yes, the 'nice' interruptions from Jacob make this challenging at times, but I still try and plug along. This morning has been a bit frustrating I must confess. Mom needs some more patience and student needs some more understanding. ;) Can we both get some please?! One day at a time. So, with God's help, we will continue after our current 'recess' and finish for the day.
When school isn't taking place, the kids are busy playing with each other or some local Karimojong kids. Lately, it has been some football (soccer, for we Americans) out on the compound. What fun they have!
Now, to 'finish' for the day...