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Our Megan turned 9 today! What a blessing she is and quite the helper! Happy Birthday, Megan. We love you!

Update from Karamoja

Dear Friends,

Warm greetings from Karamoja! Just a few weeks ago the rains were so great that we had to cancel a trip to Mbale because of severely muddy roads. A couple of weeks of mostly hot sunny days and the roads have dried up. Seasons change but the Lord remains the same faithful God.

Karamoja continues to be a land with many souls lost in sin. Just yesterday the talk of the day surrounded the news of a man who had been killed while stealing maize. Apparently, the owner was fed up and desperate after consecutive seasons of losing his crop to theft. He was spending nights hiding in his garden ready to defend his property at any cost. The unsuspecting intruder came for maize but instead found a spear hurled at him. The report was that in the morning a trail of blood led to his dead body.

If stealing and killing are commonplace in Karamoja, false reporting is even more so. Today we heard that the man was not actually killed. Instead, the blood was from his hand which was severely in…