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Megan Note...

Thank you for all of your prayers for Megan and her therapy. I almost forgot to mention! Right now she is doing therapy through the county (a free 10 week program) and also meeting with someone privately once a week. She was shy in the beginning, but is now opening up and things seem to be going well. God is so good!

One Month In

Where did the last month go!? Forgive the neglect to this blog. I guess coming home to the States can do that. Just sucks you in! Having said that, we have so been enjoying our time with family and friends. It has been great to be at our church home and see familiar faces. We also have enjoyed meeting new ones. We even have gotten in a trip to Legoland with grandparents. What a fun treat! When Caleb was too scared to ride on one roller coaster, Mom and Dad went anyway.

David just left for his first trip away. It is quite a different story to be single mom with 3 kids here than it is in Karamoja. I actually drive here and have places to go and grandparents to see! Yes, and some occasional shopping to be done. :) Caleb has begun second grade; a slightly rough start, but a start. Jacob is now a two year old. My baby is gone and a little boy has appeared.

We hope we can spend some time with some of you and please forgive us for the 7 (now 6) months going by way too fast.