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Not a word I really like because it means change, and I don't like change. But, that is what this year has been about. As most of you know, two families on our team are leaving the field this next month and returning to the States. I know God is in all of this but it still requires steps of faith - sometimes I feel like just baby steps - on my part as I walk through it. This past week our whole team (minus two families) gathered for a retreat. We were blessed by good times of fellowship and encouraging messages. Pastor Chris Folkerts, who is our teammate, Eric Tuininga's cousin, shared from Ephesians 3: 14-21. He reminded us of the relationship we have with our Father, how He strengthens us through His Spirit, Christ's immeasurable love for us and what a glorious God we serve. What a needed reminder and good encouragement to remember Christ's power and love. Things I am blessed by because I am His child. I also need to be praying these truths daily in my life as Satan …