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A first

I experienced another first as a Mom. Yesterday, our 7 year old son Caleb, broke his wrist. Being a little too careless on a slide at the park sent him tumbling over the side. So, my 'cautious' one had the first break in the whole family (even in mom and dad's family as well). One of the first things he said after it happened was 'I should have never gone down that slide!' So, at the end of a very long day spent at Children's ER, my drama queen was so brave, tired and a little pitiful. I am sad for him as the cast is already 'getting old' and he so wanted to swim with his cousins as they visit one more time soon. But I am very thankful it wasn't worse and that we were here in San Diego instead of Karamoja where things would have been a little more complicated. :) We leave for Uganda in almost 6 weeks, so I really pray that cast is off before then!