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Caleb's Banda

Latest on Caleb's Banda. School starts tomorrow so progress will likely slow down for now. Still can be played in!


Caleb's latest project with his friends...a banda. A mud and stick structure with a thatched roof. They want to do all the labor themselves and are paying for any materials. Progress so far...

Bible Studies and Baboons - Wow!

In Karamoja, it is not uncommon for Bible studies to be interrupted by any number of events which compete for attention. But this was a first. We knew that there are baboons in the area. We often see them as we drive to Mbale. But I had never known them to attack livestock. It turned into a bit of a gruesome sight. I had in mind to write about this. Christopher Verdick beat me to the punch. Check out his blog and see what he wrote.

Sunday Lunch

Today we enjoyed hosting some friends for lunch. Aleper Emmy, his wife Florence, and their children, Longoli Andrew, Lokeris Prudence and Angela Joseph are members of our church. Emmy is one of the young men who is leading some of the village Bible studies. So David has been able to attend them and encourage this brother. We would appreciate your prayers him and his family that they would continue to grow strong in the Lord. Also, Emmy has some problems with his eyes. We are in the process of trying to help him find treatment. Please pray for this as well.