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Speech Therapy home in San Diego

We are grateful for your many prayers offered up for Megan’s speech development. Therapy continues to go well and she continues to make progress. Now we are thinking about how to best help her during our upcoming furlough (beginning in November and ending at the end of May). We have been investigating our speech therapy options. There are free services offered through the public schools. However, we are told that the process of getting started can be time consuming and that we cannot start the process until we are actually there stateside. We will also pursue the route of a referral from our pediatrician. However, we are not sure whether this will be covered by our medical insurance. We would much appreciate your prayers for the Lord’s provision and direction in enabling us to provide the best help for Megan during our brief time. We also welcome advice which any of you might have for us as we pioneer through this process.

Ministry to Lomorimor

Thank you for your prayers for our ministry in Lomorimor. The village warmly welcomed us into their midst. They came in very large numbers, especially the children. Please pray that the gospel proclaimed would take root in the hearts of many there and result in a harvest of righteousness. Pray for us as we think about how to best approach follow-up ministry to these villages.

Outreach Update

Thanks so for your prayers for our outreach to Okudud. A follow-up report is overdue. (Apologies for my lateness!) The outreach went well. A good sized group gathered to hear us teach through our Gospel for Karamoja materials. This location was suggested to us by our friends from Nakathian [an outreach venue last year] who continue as the leadership of the fellowship in that village. Okudud has an interesting and recent history. Famine or other problems often force people to leave rural Karimoja in search of a better life in the cities. They do not always fare so well and many end up on the streets. This problem has led to resettlement efforts by the Ugandan government. Okudud is partly the result of such an effort just this year. So we had the opportunity to minister to such resettled folks as well as to transplants from other parts of Karamoja. They received us warmly.

There is no established church in Okudud, just residents of varying backgrounds and religious faiths (often nominal …