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Finished Teaching

I mentioned in our last update that I would be teaching a course in Mbale. It went very well. About twenty-five students attended the course. Many of them are already village pastors but have had no theological training apart from their studies at our Mission’s school, Knox Theological College. Others are training to become pastors. They come from a variety of different church backgrounds (Reformed, Pentecostal etc.).
We studied redemptive history in the Old Testament, examining the various covenants and seeing how they all find fulfillment in Christ and the New Covenant. The teaching seemed to be well received. There was also extensive discussion regarding a host of other topics of life and doctrine, which they raised during the course. The sessions were very lively, to say the least! I enjoyed it very much and I pray that my instruction was a blessing to them as their fellowship certainly was to me. Some of the students took a few pictures which I hope to receive and post soon.

Thank …