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Megan's Hearing

We know that many of you have been praying for Megan. Yesterday we went to Kampala to meet with the pediatrician for a check-up and hearing test. We and the pediatrician were both very disappointed that the audiogram machine had not arrived (despite the fact that, two days before, we had called to remind to please make sure that it was all ready as we were coming a long distance etc.). The pediatrician examined Megan nonetheless. Also present was Megan’s speech therapist, Mrs. Sarah Newnham. Without the audiogram, the doctor performed some other tests to check Megan’s hearing. The result was that both the pediatrician and Mrs. Newnham believed that Megan’s hearing was fine and, as it turns out, an audiogram test might not be so helpful or reliable in Megan’s case. If Megan is disabled at all in her hearing, it would be better detected by a test that measures the brain activity rather than Megan’s voluntary responses. The pediatrician is going to look into whether that test is availabl…

Update on Megan's Speech

Thank you for your prayers for Megan. We have been encouraged to seek further medical attention in order to make sure that there are no other problems behind her speech delay. Our upcoming visit to Kampala to see the speech therapist will also involve an appointment with a Pediatrician (particularly one with experience in child development) for a hearing test and evaluation (September 25th). This seems to be the best place to start. If necessary, we are also now aware of a Pediatric Neurologist who comes highly recommended. The Lord continues to wonderfully provide. Thank you for the good encouragement and counsel, which we received from many of you!