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And so the mudding begins...

A bit delayed but the mudding progress on Caleb's banda.

November Update

Greetings from Karamoja! Is it hot and dry or cold and wet? We are never sure anymore. Back in September I announced the arrival of the dry season. That announcement proved premature as very heavy rains quickly returned. (Had history taught me nothing?!) Soon after, Al Tricarico and Jesse Van Gorkom even had to spend one night in their vehicle having failed to reach home due to the muddy roads. We thank God for protecting them through the night. And alas, those days seemed to be behind us until next year (we thought?!). Until two days ago, we had experienced so many days of tremendous dryness, heat and dust. It felt like we would never see rain again. Then suddenly a day of multiple downpours quickly caused such road problems that Jim Knox had to cancel a trip to Mbale.
When it is dry, we are thankful for easier travel. But that also means the return of other dangers. As water sources dry up, thirsty snakes come searching for a drink. A very large cobra was recently killed on Mission …

Birthday Boys

November marks our birthday boys... Today we celebrated our baby Jacob, turning 7 and last week our first born Caleb, turned 12! Another reminder at how fast time flies!

Football Match