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House Pics


Back in Karamoja

We are thankful to be back here safe and sound. It was a joy being reunited with our teammates. We have readjusted to the new time zone and are sleeping well. Upon our return Sunshine's allergies flared up and she lost her voice. Not fun. It is slowly returning and we are relatively healthy. God is good. You recall that our house was renovated during our furlough. It is like being in a new home. The bats and termites are gone. We are so thankful for all the work which was done by our teammates in helping to get our place ready for us. The work of moving everything out of the storage container and into the house has been huge, but it is almost finished.

You may have heard about some changes which occurred during our time away. One of our ministry partners and language helpers, Lokwii Paul, is no longer with us. As it turns out, he has taken a job in a different district in Karamoja. We are thankful that his family is with him but we miss him. We pray that God will cont…