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Upcoming Team

We ask that you please pray for the ministry of a team who will be here for a month beginning at the end of June. They are being organized and sent by my own home presbytery (regional church), the Presbytery of Southern California of the O.P.C. I am excited about the fact that the team will be led by my friend, Peter Sim, a pastor from Anaheim.
We will use this time of ministry for our official launching of the children’s catechism, which we recently completed translating and then publishing. Our ministry will focus on its teaching about the 3 offices of Christ. As the messiah, Christ fulfills the office of prophet, priest and king.
We have arranged to be in at least five different schools. The team will conduct a V.B.S. program in which they will teach these Biblical truths, tell Bible stories and perform skits. The students will also get to do crafts and play games. Please pray that the Lord will touch the hearts of the students as they learn about Christ and meet some new friend…