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Items for Prayer

Yes, we owe you a much longer update, but right now I wanted to get out a few prayer requests. Next week several of our teammates will be leaving for furlough. Dr. Jim and Jenny Knox have already left, returning this fall. For about 2 ½ months it will only be a few of us here ‘holding down the fort’. Pastor Al Tricarico and his family will be away until the end of the year, so the bulk of ministry will fall on David, but of course our translators help a lot in leading several of our village studies and we look forward to an intern being with us for a small chunk of that time. So…
-Please pray for the families Stateside as they travel speaking at churches, that they would have a fruitful time and a restful time. Some of our teammates are experiencing several big family transitions while on furlough. (weddings, kids off to college)
-For the ones ‘left behind’ that we would handle the extra responsibility with grace. There is a feeling of just going into ‘maintenance mode’ during this time…