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O Dry Season Where Art Thou?

Well, the rain continues. We thought for almost a week we were headed back into the dry season, but we were wrong. We just spent this week down country doing some shopping and spending some time with teammates and friends over Thanksgiving. I'm thankful we made it down through the mud and bumps and even made it home safely today, even though now the rain continues as I type. God is good and sovereign...and yes, praying the 'dry' would come and the Ugandan government would keep their promise and pave that road!

This Past Week...


Showers and Puddles

We are having many of both these days. Wouldn't you know that after David's last post about the dry season upon us, we have had rain just about everyday for the last couple of weeks! So, needless to say, we have many puddles and even small rivers around here. And yes, the roads are a muddy mess as well. We pray that those of us on the Mission that are traveling back and forth will have safe travels and that the rain would ease up! :)