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Megan's Birthday

Our little girl is 7 years old today! Where does the time go!

Got Out!

Well, I finally did it. After some time (I won't mention how many months), our whole family got out of Karamoja! This past Monday we left Nakaale and made the adventurous trip down to Mbale. We were on our own, as Bob Wright was too sick to caravan with us if we needed any help. So we, Heather Foss, and our visitor Monica who was flying home embarked. We only got stuck twice! Below is the spot where we wished we had a shovel to work away at the mud we were stuck in so we could rock ourselves out. We finally did that, but only after Monica, David and a Karimojong friend John Moru did some digging with mostly their hands!
But then we had a very nice time playing with friends, brought there by some nicely paved roads...
No pictures of the ride back home, but let's just say it had its own 'adventures', but we didn't get stuck!

Christ's Mercy In Times of Need