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The Gang's All Here

Yes, finally our whole Karamoja Mission station is on the field all together. The Eldeens and Tricaricos arrived safe and sound a little over a week ago, for which we are very thankful. This is the first time in almost 4 years that we have all been living here at the same time.

Now, we jump in full force. Please pray as Al Tricarico and David get back in the swing of things together and make plans for ministry/outreach opportunities. Also pray that the Tricaricos would be able to transition nicely back into their school schedule for the kids.

It is definitely a season to be thankful. And we will be doing that even more when we all gather as a mission on the 24th to have our Thanksgiving dinner. Yes, it will be a few days early but here in Uganda no one will notice much :)

Just yesterday, two days after his first birthday, as our whole station was gathered for fellowship on Sunday afternoon, Jacob took his first steps. Very exciting!