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Well, yesterday we returned to our home here in Nakaale after spending the week down country. A wonderful time of swimming, ice cream and seeing friends. Not to mention a wonderful internet connection! It had been quite some time since the family had been out of Karamoja, so we were excited from some little luxuries. Hot showers, ice cream, pool, and yes a little shopping ;-). We also had a great time visiting with our teammates and new friends in Mbale, and also seeing friends we haven't seen in a long time. Thank you to all who made the visit wonderful! Until the next time...which won't be so long!
P.S. Cholera update. It is still here, but moving slowly. Someone did die in the nearby village of Kopetatum (where we hold a early Sunday morning service). I think still just a few cases seen at the clinic, but not everyone goes to the clinic. So please continue to keep the community in prayer.

Cholera Update

Well, it seems our clinic has had two cholera cases since I last wrote. Please pray for Dr. Jim and the clinic staff as they handle things. The cases were a child and wife of one of our workers.
Right now, we are actually down country enjoying some vacation so are not right in the middle of it. Please keep our teammates and neighbors in prayer.

Cholera in our District

Skyping while out on the Town

Yes, this morning we decided to go as a family to the closest trading town, Namalu. Right before we left I was trying to Skype with my parents, but, as can often happen, it was a bit 'in & out'. So, David says, 'lets bring the laptop with us to Namalu where we can get a strong signal!'. So off we went, fully prepared to be quite the spectacle in town. We thought we found a 'secluded' spot, but that soon changed after about 20 minutes. It was quite the scene. My parents actually got a kick out of seeing these Karimojong in the background of the video while Skyping. We even took it on the road and continued Skyping while driving back into the center of town and walking into a shop to buy a few things. Even ran into a friend, and she enjoyed 'meeting' my parents. But then we decided the craziness needed to end. The scene of wzungu (white people) + technology out and about here in Karamoja can only be endured by us for so long!

East Kopetatum