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Seasons in Life

I have been playing musical beds with my kids of late. Our youngest, Jacob, seems to just be scared of his bed all together and would only sleep with big brother Caleb or mom and dad for a while. Then a few nights ago it was ONLY in mom and dad's bed. Now he is back in his bed, but he wants a candle lit AND mom or dad to stay there until he is asleep. Then our daughter Megan will every now and then wake in the middle of the night crying out that some shadows are scaring her, then realizing she needs to 'potty' as well. Parenting...crazy, trying, rewarding, emotional and eventful!

Jacob is slowly getting on the road to being potty trained. He will be 3 in November so I suppose it is time. This time of training is both easier and at the same time more difficult. It is nice to just stick that diaper on and not have to worry about being inconvenienced at a moment's notice. But the thought of no diapers and no wipes definitely has appeal.

Caleb has started recei…

A Taste of Home

The visitor season has been upon us for some time. But more recently, we have been enjoying three from San Diego! It has been such fun to see Karen, Chris and Chloe walking around here. I trust they are having great fun too as they make life a little more interesting here in Nakaale. It's also nice for the church at home to get more first hand encounters of the work here. Plus Chris' pictures are so cool! May see a few of those in a future slide presentation. ;)

Thanks for your willingness to come!