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Saying Goodbye

We have learned long ago that the mission field is full of goodbyes. So, this last weekend we said another goodbye, this time to our very good friends, the Howards. We arrived on the field here in Uganda at just about the same time 8 years ago. We had our first babies within a few months of each other. Caleb has loved the friendship he has had with Elyse and he sure will miss her! I have enjoyed a wonderful friend in Melissa and look forward to a friendship that will continue for many years. Their family has been so good to us through these last years, and we thank the Lord for putting them into our lives. So, as I am very sad to see them go, I am excited to see them start their new life Stateside, and to see them in that new life on our furlough this next year, Lord willing! :-)

Oh to be my six year old when it comes to saying goodbye. As Caleb stood there before we left our friends, he said ‘bye, see you in February!’ with a smile on his face.

Back to Business as Usual

Many of you have been praying for us regarding our need for peace with the community. God answered them. The days following the meeting we received kind expressions of good feelings from many in the community. It seems that plenty of folks were as dismayed as we were by the hurtful things spoken against us by their neighbors. And even some of those who themselves had taken the strong stance in support of ‘chasing’ away particular members of our Mission have now backed down and assured us that they have no problem with any of us. Why the change? Perhaps some had been overtaken by ill feelings and had spoken things which they later regretted. Others perhaps have simply backed off now that they have seen that we will not be intimidated or coerced into taking any actions which we believe are wrong for the sake of pleasing the community. At any rate the Lord has granted us the peace for which we asked such that we can continue proclaiming that only one who can give us true and lasting peac…

Clinic Crisis Update

Thank you for your prayers for us our regarding our conflict with the community. Another meeting took place yesterday. This one included the Local Chairman (LCIII) of our sub-county. We had hoped that his presence and leadership would bring a more peaceful and orderly environment in which to address the concerns of the community. As it turned out, the meeting was anything but peaceful and orderly. Never in my life have I been verbally assaulted and maligned like my fellow Mission members and I were yesterday over the course of that 5 hour meeting. In one passionate speech we were even called ‘killers’ and ‘Satan’. It would be difficult to recall all of the specific issues raised. Much criticism flowed out of a general frustration over our Mission’s failure to help the community to the extent and in every way that they believe that we ought to be ‘helping’. Just to give one example, there was protest of the charges, which patients incur at the Clinic. We were accused of being in Karamo…