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The sorghum has been harvested but the rains are still here. As I write, a nighttime downpour drowns out all other sounds. We expect the dry season soon, but you never know.

Since our last entry, Megan has turned three! We continue with the speech therapy. We are thankful for the help of one of the Wrights’ teachers, Eden Howard, who works with her a few times a week in addition to home therapy with mommy and daddy. We definitely see progress. Thank you for your continued prayers.

The family is doing well, even though Jacob just had his first case of malaria. You wouldn’t even have known he was sick, for which we are very thankful. Perhaps the nursing got some of mom’s immunity into him. Anyway, he will have his first birthday on November 14th, just 8 days after his big brother Caleb turns 6. Where does the time go?!

We look forward to the return of the Tricarico family and the Eldeens on November 7. It will be very nice to have the whole Karamoja station together carrying out the work …