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Catch Up

After about two weeks of traveling, we have finally landed Stateside. You can check over on my Facebook page for some pictures of our adventures, enjoying Turkey and Spain. We enjoyed wonderful hospitality and saw amazing pieces of history! People often ask us if we feel culture shock and we usually say not as much as you might think. The reason being is that between where we are in Karamoja and down to the capital in Uganda, is such a difference, that we can almost experience culture shock within the same country. That being said, it is a little surreal to be back 'home'. Something we have been anticipating for so long, and then all of the sudden, it's here. Furlough is always an interesting time. The anticipation of being with family and friends, but also the anticipation of much traveling to churches. Always the mindset to some extent is to 'make the most of it'. Always an interesting balance. My prayer is that the time would be sweet and that there would be res…