December Update

An update is way overdue, especially considering how deeply we feel the need of your prayers these days. The Knoxes left at the beginning of the month. The Tricaricos left just last week. Then Taryn Dieckmann left this week. Our team feels extremely small at the moment. Saying goodbye to teammates has been bitter sweet. On the positive side, it has provided wonderful opportunity to reflect upon our years together and how much we have been blessed by our friendships. The bitter part is obvious. Seeing them go has left much sorrow in our hearts this Christmas Season. I suppose it should help us to think about the sorrow endured by the Son of God who for a time left behind his home in glory with the Father and came into this world to suffer for us. We rejoice that his sacrifice means such a wonderful reunion which we will all enjoy together in glory one day!
As for the departure of the Knoxes and the ongoing work of the Clinic, some of you may have already read what I wrote for a recent edition of Telenews:
Sadly, December will begin with the Knoxes’ departure. We will miss them greatly but are so thankful for their years of faithful labors among us. Join us as we pray for them and their transition into life back in the States. Pray as well for a new doctor to come to Karamoja and carry on this good work.
In the meantime, the work will not cease. We expect to reap wonderful benefits of Dr. Jim’s and Nurse Jenny’s hard labors. They have trained our African staff who will continue to deliver quality medical care. They have also been working with Missionary Associates who will help oversee the work. Christopher Verdick has begun serving as interim administrator and Hannah Van Gorkom is also assisting with various administrative duties. We praise the Lord for these fine servants and their willingness to take on these new labors.
We have every reason to expect that patients will continue to come. Yes, it will be a challenge to carry on the work while waiting upon the Lord to provide a missionary doctor. But this is His work and He will surely provide all of the wisdom, grace and strength that we need. And we know that He will do so in answer to your prayers. Please pray for the Clinic and our efforts to provide not only good medical care but as we pray for the patients who come and as we share with them the good news of salvation through our crucified and risen Savior. “Heal me, O LORD, and I shall be healed; save me, and I shall be saved, for you are my praise” (Jeremiah 17:14).
Taryn Dieckmann also served well, working with the Pre-primary school for two years. During her time here, she met Stuart who was here for a brief visit. We will miss Taryn but we rejoice with the two of them as they plan to marry in the Spring. God is good! Maybe we’ll see them back in Karamoja some day.
And we will greatly miss the Tricarico family. Their labors for the gospel and their  hospitality to all of us has been such a blessing. Now they are stateside transitioning to life there. Pastor Al has taken a position in Home Missions for our denomination. For over ten years we have labored side by side, supporting one another through the many challenges of ministry here. It is hard to imagine life without him. Though I will miss him greatly, I know how much our church will be blessed by his labors back home.
You may recall that, Lord-willing, we will soon be joined by another pastor and his family. The Robbins plan to arrive sometime in February. Their housing will require a substantial renovation job before then. Please pray for Bob Wright and those who will carry out this important work.

Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas!


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