Update on the team

Thank you for your prayers for the team that is here. We have a quality group of young men and women eagerly serving the Lord. Last week we were in one primary school where we spent five days teaching Bible stories, performing skits, teaching songs, playing games and just enjoying being with the kids. The teaching has been on how Jesus fulfills the Biblical offices of prophet, priest and king. The students responded well to the instruction. The team also had opportunities to visit various villages where they taught some of the same lessons. Today we began the same program in a new school. Since this week’s program is in the afternoons, the team is also spending time in the mornings in other local schools where our pre-primary teachers have a regular presence. So we are thankful for the many opportunities before us to be sharing the gospel with hundreds of young folks.

On Thursday, Pastor Peter, Pastor Al and I led the conference for pastors. As advertised, some one hundred pastors and leaders from about a dozen different churches were in attendance. We spoke to them as well about the great prophet, priest and king, Jesus Christ. And we spoke about how our understanding of Christ’s fulfillment of those offices also informs our ministries in our churches. The instruction was greatly appreciated. We pray that the churches will be strengthened as a result.

We asked you to pray that weather would not disrupt our ministry. Actually there has been no rain since the group arrived. It has been perfect weather for our work. However, we do pray for just the right rain at the right times so as to water the crops but not affect our ministry. The Lord knows what is best and is able. Above all, we pray for a spiritual harvest of righteousness in the lives of the people here in Karamoja.

Thank you so much for your prayers!


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