Ministry Update

Greetings from Karamoja! It is quite unbearably hot these days. Since we were on furlough last dry season, we have not lived through such heat for a while. Anyway, we are overdue for an update.
You have prayed for the village of Akuyam where we have a Bible study led by Lokeris Simon Peter every Thursday. It has been great to see his teaching gift develop. When I was out there with him a couple of weeks ago, a very large group of mostly men (along with many children) all seemed to be listening well and reading along as he shared the various scripture texts. Pray for both the teacher and those who are receiving his instruction. And now we have a new venue nearby. Actually, Akuyam is quite a large area. There are many who live in homes a bit too far away to come to the study. So I talked to Lokeris about doing the study twice in the same afternoon so that the second one can be much closer to those other residents. We all agreed and it began this past Thursday as a small group in the new location gathered to hear the Word. So now we ask you to pray for Akuyam North as well as Akuyam South.
For the next four weeks, three days per week, I will be teaching a course at our Mission’s college where pastors are trained.  Knox Theological College is in the Mbale area. The course will focus on the Old Testament and preaching Christ from all the scriptures. Please pray that the class will be a blessing to the more than twenty men, village pastors and others training to be so. 


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