It seems I have a difficult time blogging. Yes, everyone reading this would whole-heartedly agree! My excuse right now is that I'm on vacation. :-) We are back 'home' in San Diego for the month. It will go by way too fast, but that is life. In the previous post you will notice the time we spent first with the cousins in Tennessee. What fun they had! I must confess the weather was a bit warm and going from real hot to real cool (a/c) took some getting used to. Yes, we are used to hot in Uganda, but not with humidity. Jacob and his 3 yr. old cousin, Sophia, were the cutest to watch. They were best buds the whole time.

Now, we enjoy more grandparents and good friends and our church family for the month. God is good! Hopefully we will 'fit it all in'. It was a blessing to be with our church family again this past Sunday and look forward to the few more. Hopefully we will kick this cold bug very soon. Yes, our bodies aren't used to all of these American germs! Give us malaria, then I guess we know what to do.

Look forward to seeing those of who we can!


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